Today is World Animal Day.  World Animal Day is important because it brings awareness to animals to improving the care and treatment of all animals around the world.  This would include the polar bars in the Arctic to the panda bears in China.  No matter our background, we can all agree that animals deserved to be respected and treated humanely.

According to NationalToday.Com, here are some ways in which we can observe today…

How to Observe World Animal Day

  1. Get involved

One of the best ways to do your part is to get involved with any of the official events happening on October 4.  A good place to start is the official website, where you can get help coming up with an idea, organizing a plan, and putting it into action.

  1. Adopt a pet

Pet adopt-a-thons are a common event held in cities on World Animal Day and it’s a small action that can make a big difference.  At these events, attendees can learn about pet ownership and care, share stories with fellow pet owners, buy pet related toys and products, and more.

  1. Join a peaceful protest

Peaceful protest are also commonplace around the world on October 4th.  These can range from better treatment of agriculture livestock to complete termination of cultural pastimes, such as bullfighting and whale slaughtering.

World Animal Day 2018 – October 4