February 22nd, 2019 is National Walking the Dog Day.  Today is a great way to spent some quality time with your favorite furry companion.  Leash up your dog and take them exploring; either to their favorite trails, or explore some new trails instead.  So why not call a few friends, have them bring their dogs, and everyone can celebrate National Walking the Dog Day together.

According to NationalToday.Com, this is why we love National Walking the Dog Day…

Why We Love National Walking the Dog Day

  1. The perfect start to the day

Is there any better way to begin the day than by going on a walk with your dog? Picture a cup of coffee in your hand, your dog’s leash in the other, dew on the grass and the sun coming up over the rooftops. It’s a great way to get your blood flowing, your mind moving, and for you and your dog to get some light exercise before breakfast.

  1. The best bonding exercise

Walking the dog offers an opportunity for dogs and their people to connect while exploring the neighborhood together. A dog on a walk is also a great way for humans to meet each other, and for dogs to socialize with other animals out on walks of their own.

  1. A well-walked dog is a calm dog

Dogs have a lot of energy and need to exert it daily. If a dog has not been walked, he may become restless and cause chaos around the home. We love taking our dogs for as many walks as possible to ensure that their time at home is relaxing and restful.

National Walking the Dog Day 2019 – February 22