Today is National Love Your Pet Day.  February 20th is the day to celebrate and be kind to our pets.  They do so much for us, whether it’s being a good listener, companions for us when we’re feeling lonely, the best running and outdoor partners, or simply our buddy to watch television with.  Our pets mean so much us.  So today, do something kind for them.  Consider bringing them to Stay-N-Play Pet Ranch for a wonderful spa day.  Or taking them on an adventurous hike.  NationalToday.Com has some great suggestions on how we can celebrate today with our beloved pets.

National Love Your Pet Day Activities

  1. Show your pet something new

Just like us, our pets love seeing new places! Has your dog ever been to the beach? If not, consider taking a road trip to celebrate National Love Your Pet Day. Change up the location of your fish’s bowl, take your guinea pig on a tour of the house, or take your chameleon on a field trip to the porch to feel the breeze on his face.

  1. Spoil them

Let’s face it: spoiling our pets is a lot of fun. So do it! Birthdays might only come once a year, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have more special days with your pets. Celebrate National Love Your Pet Day by bringing home a new treat or toy, whipping up a beloved meal, or simply spend some extra quality time with your pet (we suggest pet-themed movies as an especially nice activity).

  1. Adopt a pet

The ultimate way to celebrate Love Your Pet Day is to get a pet of your own to love! If it’s within your means, consider adopting a pet in need of a home. Explore local organizations that rescue and re-home animals in your area. It’ll change your life in ways you never expected.

Check out their website for some fun statistics and a quiz to discover “What Kind Of Pet Are You?”


National Love Your Pet Day 2019 – February 20