Like to travel? TripHound finds you the best travel deals while giving back to animal rescue organizations in our area (such as Austin Pets Alive).  A percentage of their profits, time and energy goes towards making a significant impact on our furry friends. Here’s how they do it….

The BEST Travel Deals

TripHound partners with the top travel brands to bring you the best vacation deals right to your inbox. Sign up TODAY and start getting the DEALS!

We Write Checks

TripHound gives a portion of its profits directly to Animal Rescue Organizations all over the USA.

Search For Travel

Search for Airfare, Hotels, Rental Cars and Cruises with TripHound’s powerful search tools.

Event Sponsorship

We regularly sponsor and participate in all types of fundraising events for rescue organizations and initiatives.

Incredible Travel Blogs

We feature some of the best Travel Bloggers on the web and take you to your dream locations with stunning imagery!

Volunteer Our Time

TripHound executives and employees alike all give of their time to volunteer at local shelters and we even have some rescue dogs of our own!

The population of homeless animals in our world is a staggering statistic, simply heartbreaking. We encourage you to sign up to start receiving their global travel deals and make a difference. Visit today.