Today is National Rescue Dog Day. There are many homeless pets waiting for their forever homes right now at your local animal shelters. Some big, some small, some hairy, some cuddly, but all waiting to give you slobbery lovable kisses. In honor of today, why not adopt a rescue dog?

NationalRescueDogDay.Com says it best. They write:

“NATIONAL RESCUE DOG DAY is proudly observed annually on MAY 20.

National Rescue Dog Day was founded by Tails That Teach, Inc. to bring awareness to the countless number of amazing dogs in shelters waiting to be adopted, to promote humane education for young children, and to encourage spay/neuter. The day was inspired by Cooper (pictured above) who was rescued in 2009, and now the main character in the Tails That Teach book series that teach children how to be and kind and gentle to their pets so they grown up to be compassionate, responsible pet owners.

Rescue dogs often overcome extreme obstacles and yet provide comfort, security, and friendship as family pets. But, rescue dogs are capable of much more. With training, they contribute to the independence of people with disabilities as service animals and give comfort to the elderly. In these circumstances, they become our eyes, ears, or legs as well as our best friend.

Rescue dogs provide a variety of therapeutic benefits. Children, teens, and adults with autism may benefit from services provided by trained rescue dogs. As emotional support companions, rescue dogs help to relieve anxiety, depression, and PTSD among the military or those who suffer from mental illness.

They make excellent teachers, too. Rescue dogs show children about caring and kindness. Rescue dogs can even be trained for search and rescue missions. The possibilities are endless!

When it comes to four-legged friends, they improve the human condition by leaps and bounds, barks, and yips. It’s hard to imagine a more loving, worthy companion.”

If you visit their website at, they listed ways to celebrate today.

From all of us at Stay-N-Play Pet Ranch,

Happy National Rescue Dog Day