Today we celebrate National Meow Like a Pirate Day.  We honor our cats today by remembering the roles they played in history.  Cats were a sign of good luck for pirates and were always brought aboard their ships.  It was believed cats would ward off the evil spirits of the fallen pirates lost at sea.  And of course, they helped with keeping the rats at bay.

Ahoy! Tha’ thar be being a Happy National Meow Like a Pirate Day, matie. Arrrrgggh

From, here are some great ways to celebrate today…


  1. Play Cat Dress Up
    On September 19, you get a full pass to dress your cat up like Jack Sparrow and post it to social media for all your friends to see. Get creative with homemade hook hands, eyepatches, peg legs (of course keep your cat’s safety the top priority though), and have a quick photo shoot.
  2. Throw a party with a unique theme
    It’s not often you get to throw a party with a theme as unique as today’s celebration. Bring out the grogg, don’t forget the treats for the feline friends, and spend your evening grunting and growling and cursing the landlubbers. All in a cat-like tone as well, of course.
  3. Adopt a cat
    The real treasure of the day is to raise awareness about pet and cat overpopulation. So while the pirates of lore may not have been as keen on giving a cat a nice, warm, dry home, you certainly can. Look into your local shelters to learn more.


National Meow Like a Pirate Day 2018 —September 19