Today is National Hug Your Dog Day. Our days are busy and filled with activities; take a moment today and spent some time with your canine companion. Your furry friends are family, sometimes we need reminding to cherish and hold close the ones we care most about. NationalToday.Com has some suggestions on how you might celebrate today with your pup.

National Hug Your Dog Day Activities

  1. Go for a walk

Take your dog for an extra long walk today or even to a local dog park. After seeing how happy it makes them, you’ll be wondering why you don’t do it more often.

  1. Go on a doggie date

Bring your pup to a dog-friendly restaurant to show them how grateful you are for how grateful they are. Some restaurants have special dog biscuits or will cook up some special meat so that you and your canine can dine together. If they’re an extra good dog, take them out for some ice cream after, just don’t give them too much.

  1. Celebrate dog history

In honor of your pet on this sacred day, hold them tight, give them an extra long belly rub and cuddle them on the floor or couch while you watch your favorite dog movie together. From Lassie to Clifford to Scooby Doo, there are so many famous doggies to celebrate. Just make sure to remind your dog that they’re your fave by giving them a big hug!

So go on and give your pup a hug today. Show them how much they mean to you, by one hug at at time.

National Hug Your Dog Day 2019 — April 10