Today is National Hug Your Cat Day. Every year on this date, everyone is encouraged to stop for a moment, pick up your cat friend and give them a gentle squeeze. We know they only wished to be loved on, on their terms. However, for just today, you’re given permission to love on them on our terms. Hug away, all you lovable cat people. suggest some activities to honor today.

“National Hug Your Cat Day Activities

  1. Hug away

Yes, this is obvious, but we’d be remiss if we didn’t recommend it. Get your lint roller ready, and go in. (Then, count the number of seconds until your cat tries to wriggle out of your grip.)

  1. Volunteer at a shelter

Not everyone has a kitty of their own to hug. If you fall in this category, satisfy your hugging desires by volunteering at an animal shelter! You’ll be helping cats without homes, while getting in some quality snuggle time.

  1. Host a kitty party

Human parties are good, we guess. But cat parties are even better. So grab your friends who own cats and bring them all together for a giant kitty rager! Just make sure you have enough catnip to go around — no one likes a party foul.”

Here’s to hoping they’ll enjoy the hug as much as we did.

Happy National Hug Your Cat Day.