Today is National Dress Up Your Pet Day.  Break out those old Halloween costumes and have a fashion show with your pet today.  Be creative, have fun, and above all, be sure to share the joy with some pictures on social media with #DressUpYourPetDay.

NationalToday.Com suggest celebrating today with the following activities…


1. Have a friend take photos of you and your pet’s new outfits
Did you even dress up your dog if you didn’t take a picture of it? You need to commemorate you and your dog looking styling! Have a mini-photoshoot, and upload the pictures to your social media. Or, if your friends aren’t nice enough to indulge you, take a selfie, or 3, or 10. Either way, the moment is captured.

2. Use #DressUpYourPetDay on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram
In case you live under a rock, we have a memo for you: the internet is extremely creative! Search this hashtag to see how other dog owners have dressed up their dogs in the past. You’ll get inspired immediately. And who knows? You might start some friendly competition! We believe in you; you’ll win!

3. If you have kids, but no pets, dress them up instead.
The FOMO doesn’t have to be real. If you don’t have pets, you can dress up your children instead! And if you really want to stick with the theme, you can grab a friend’s dog and go wild. I’m sure your friends wouldn’t mind you babysitting their dogs for a couple hours!

National Dress Up Your Pet Day 2019 – January 14