Today is National Black Dog day.  Believe it or not there is a stigma about black dogs.  They may not carry the same superstition as black cats, but they do have the reputation of being more aggressive and hence less attractive to pet owners.  This may be why darker colored dogs statistically are harder to adopt out from shelters then other colors.

According to NationalDay.Com here’s why you should love black dogs…


A. Dogs are humans’ best friends
They’ve been bred for thousands of years to love and to serve us. That’s why they quiver with excitement when they see their human buddies heading their way.

B. Black dogs are beautiful
We love dogs of all colors. Black, tan, white, patched, brindled, marbled. But there’s something special — classic, even — about a jet-black pooch that sets them apart from the pack.

C. Sheltered black dogs are unfairly overlooked
Black dogs are often the least-adoptable pets in shelters, simply because of their color. This is sometimes, but not always, the result of superstition. Some people think black means bad or evil, so they opt to adopt an animal with a lighter-colored coat.


​National Black Dog Day 2018 – October 1