It’s the beginning of a new month which means it is time to introduce to everyone another amazing staff member here at Stay-N-Play Pet Ranch.  May we introduce to you…. Miss Jazz Gayden.

Getting to know the Employees at Stay N Play

Name: Jazzlin Gayden

Place of Birth: Nuremberg, Germany (U.S. Grounds)

Living now: San Marcos, TX

Been with Stay N Play: A few months

Dog or Cat? Why: Dogs.  They’re great companions and make great best friends.  Very energictic and playful-like me! 

Pets? Names: Yes. I have three.  Boba (dog), Moon (dog), and Buns (rabbit, 8).

First job: My first job I was a housekeeper at Holiday Express. I was in eighth grade.

Your toilet paper hangs on the wall-over or under: OVER, the way it’s supposed to be.

First thing buying after lottery win: Buy my momma a house.

That is all for now.  Be sure to join us again next week as we will continue to get to know Jazz.