Just a few safety tips for your fur baby who might have some anxiety during this season. It’s a no brainer that some dogs are afraid of loud noises like thunder and fireworks.  Dogs have such a keen sense of hearing, loud noises can create an immense amount of anxiety.  Keeping your dog safe during these times is important for their safety as well as yours.

  • Make sure your dog is collared, microchipped, and wearing proper ID tags in the event your dog happens to get out.
  • Exercising your dog prior in the day. Giving them plenty of time to work out and exercise is a great way to alleviate stress and anxiety.
  • Creating a safe place inside your home, away from the noise for your dog to retreat to. Preferably in a room away from windows and doors.  Provide a crate, blankets, toys, treats, and play calming music in the background.
  • Purchasing a Thundershirt. These shirts wrap comfortably around your animal to aid in a sense of calm and soothing.
  • If you are away from home, give your dog treats to keep them busy, taking their mind off of the loud noises. Kong balls smothered in peanut butter are best to keep them active and busy.