August 26th is National Dog Day.  Today we celebrate and honor our best furry canine companions.  They are there for us through it all, the highs and lows of life and never judge us.  Their affection and love are of true unconditional value. suggests 3 fun filled activities for today.

  1. Take Your Pup to a “Yappy Hour”
    Several dog-friendly restaurants and bakeries host an occasional “yappy hour” — a time where you can enjoy a meal or some treats with your favorite people and pets.
  2. Treat Yourself To Some Quality Puppy Love
    Hugs and kisses and snuggles, oh my. Give them a nice belly rub, squeeze them tight, and let them slobber all they want today. Dogs help reduce stress, anxiety, and depression — so puppy love is good for your health too!
  3. Host a Dog Party
    Plan a gathering with a couple of your dog’s favorite friends. It could be a big play date at your local dog beach or a party at your local dog park. Get creative. Include pet-friendly decorations, party favors, hats, and top it off with a dog-friendly dessert!

Follow the link for more National Dog Day fun.  You’ll find out which state loves dogs more than others and the most common response to “Why do you love your dog?”

National Dog Day 2018 – August 26