Today is National Take Your Cat to the Vet Day.  It is a friendly reminder to get your fluffy kitty in to the vet and up to date on all their vaccinations.  We understand life happens.  With juggling work, school, kids, and life, sometime we forget to make those regular check ups for our cats.  Let’s not procrastinate any longer.

Here are some simple ways to celebrate today…

  1. If you have been slacking on making that veterinary appointment, today is the day to book it. Call your local vet and make an appointment for your kitty’s regular checkup.
  2. Having your cat fixed could great improve their quality of life. Make the appointment today to have your cat spayed or neutered. Doing this can prevent many diseases including uterine infections and breast tumors.  The recommended time to have a kitten fixed is eight weeks.
  3. Microchipping your cat. This is great for all cats: indoor, outdoor, or when a cat is both.  This gives you peace of mind if your feline companion ever wanders a bit too far away from home.

Loving your pets also means making sure they are healthy.

National Take Your Cat to the Vet Day 2018 – August 22