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Grooming at Stay N Play Pet RanchStay N Play Pet Ranch offers all breed, full service grooming Monday through Saturday. Our experienced, professionally trained staff grooms your pet in our dedicated salon with state-of-the-art equipment. From Toy Poodles to Great Pyrenees to Persian cats, we are committed to consistent grooming, quality care, and a positive, natural approach for your pet's physical and emotional well-being.

For their comfort, dogs are leash walked to eliminate as needed during their grooming stay, and cats are provided a litter box. To avoid heat stress and related complications, there are no heated drying cages at Stay N Play Pet Ranch. We also use a dehumidifier in the salon to keep your pet (and our groomers) more comfortable. While being groomed, we check your pet for dry skin, fleas, ticks, and general skin and coat health. This is an integral part of healthy pet maintenance and we will always let you know if any abnormalities are found.

Your pet's visit to our grooming salon can include any combination of the following services:

  • Bathing (see below)
  • Nail trimming
  • Brush-out and de-shedding
  • Breed trims
  • Pet trims and styling
  • Cat grooming
  • Show quality trims
  • Tooth brushing
  • Spa treatments (see below)

Note: All dogs that are bathed and trimmed get their ears cleaned and nails trimmed at no extra charge. However, our groomers do not express anal glands or pull excess ear hair. We feel it is better for your veterinarian to perform these procedures. 

Meet Our Pet Stylists 

Erin - Head Groomer

Erin graduated from a grooming academy and has been certified since 2001. She joined the Stay N Play team in 2008. Erin's love for animals began at a very young age. She grew up with a plethora of animals, from hamsters to horses. Erin transitioned from a veterinary technician into grooming and still holds extended knowledge in animal care. She has been involved in AKC dog show competitions. Two of Erin's three pets are retired show dogs. She has a great repertoire for grooming cats as well. Erin takes pride in all her work and looks forward to grooming your pet!


Karolyn has worked with animals virtually her entire life and has been grooming for half a decade. She showed English and Western pleasure for several years, experience that served her well when she worked in Las Vegas at the Excalibur Hotel horse stable. She's ready to give your dog or cat a show-stopping style!


Denise's passions are animals and the arts and she satisfies them both -- as a Junior High Art/Health teacher and as a weekends during the school year/full-time in the summer pet stylist for Stay N Play. Denise became a Certified Dog Groomer in 2007, with over 240 hours at Golden Paws Academy in Houston.

Bathing: A Superior Bath

In combination with our organic, all-natural, non-toxic, and chemical-free shampoos and conditioners, the Prima Bathing System in our grooming salon system promotes healthy skin and coat by providing a skin stimulating shampoo and water massage. The gentle sudsing action allows for deep penetration to the skin, even through the thickest coats, to remove dirt, dander, and loose hair. A thorough rinse gets your pet squeaky clean. All baths and grooms include All natural bathing at Stay N Play Pet Ranchour new Spa Aromatherapy with essential oils of white ginger, lavender, oatmeal, and vanilla. Each bath and trim includes the use of cool air fans and dryers for gentle, low stress drying. A final brushing and styling makes your pet picture perfect. Cologne is available upon request.

For those in-between baths at home, the same pet, human, and environmentally friendly Nature's Specialties shampoos and conditioners we use in the grooming salon are also available for sale.

Spa Treatments

We offer a variety of spa treatments to pamper your special family member including:

  • Remoisturizer  Treatment - Nature's Specialties conditioner with aloe vera and jojoba oil is a warm and soothing deep conditioning skin treatment.
  • Deep Conditioning - White ginger and vanilla moisture treatment for deep conditioning decreases itching and dandruff.
  • Blueberry Facial - A lightly foaming blueberry and vanilla facial cleanser that effectively removes dirt and tear stains.
  • PAW treatment - Fresh vanilla and milk thistle conditioner to smooth cracked and dry pads and elbows.
  • Toothbrushing - Fresh Breath gel is used, a natural product that helps reduce plaque & tarter and leaves breath minty fresh.

A Day at the Spa

To make your pet's experience even more fun and relaxing, Stay N Play Pet Ranch offers additional services such as a massage with our certified massage therapist, or fifteen and thirty minute nature walks to calm down a high energy dog before being groomed. On days when you have a full day planned for yourself, treat your pet to an all day stay as our daycare guest.

Grooming While Boarding

To make a homecoming even more special, have your dog groomed on pick-up day. Why not a nail trim while staying with us? If booking these services in conjunction with daycare or boarding, please make your grooming reservation in advance to ensure your place on the schedule. Grooming services requested at drop-off may not be available during high volume periods.

Maintenance Programs

Grooming at Stay N Play Pet Ranch

Discounts for weekly and bi-weekly baths, not including scissoring or clipping, are available for all breeds. A scheduled maintenance program with regular baths and brushing is especially ideal for long-coated or heavily-coated breeds to prevent out of control coats and painful matting. (See Dematting, below). Your pet's coat will stay healthy, allowing more time between full grooms, and ultimately making the grooming process much more pleasant.

If you have a puppy of a breed that gets trimmed regularly, ask about our maintenance program. It takes time and patience for trust to be built between a groomer and your pet, and negative experiences are difficult to overcome. A young puppy, gently groomed regularly, will look forward to being bathed, brushed, and clipped.

Effective Communication

Our groomers are available to consult with you on every aspect of your pet's grooming, such as how frequently your pet should be clipped, or if a particular haircut or style is possible given your pet's type of hair. If you like the style your pet got from a previous groomer, take a picture and bring it with you so our groomers can see what you would like done. They will be happy to discuss home maintenance and appropriate products to use. They can also teach you the proper way to brush your pet's coat between baths and which tools to use to avoid mats and maintain a healthy coat.


Because your pet's skin is thinner than human skin and very delicate, for the dog’s safety, as well as their own, our groomers will not brush out a severely matted coat. Biting, crying, turning around and trying to jump off the table are understandably common behaviors elicited during the painful dematting process, as wire brushes, combs, and special tools must be used to pick and break the mats apart. Because dematting is so painful and stressful to your pet, if the coat is in such a condition, a short clip or even shaving is required. Our groomers can show you what type and amount of brushing is needed at home to allow the coat to grow longer after a short clip.

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