Stay-N-Play Pet Ranch®, Inc.

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For Your Dog:

Boarding Dog

Stay-N-Play Pet Ranch® is a state-of-the-art facility featuring:

  • 60 climate-controlled indoor/outdoor dog runs with automated water bowl systems and covered exteriors to provide protection from the elements.
  • Sizable fenced play yards give your dog room for supervised exercise activity
  • Calm music is played throughout the facility to help alleviate stress and serve as a calming influence for your pet.
  • Freshly laundered bedding is provided –at no extra charge—for each guest.

For Your Cat:

Boarding Cat

  • Our cattery is housed in a separate room with spacious two room condos.
  • These condos can be opened up to make room for multiple cats from the same household.
  • We use a pelleted paper litter to minimize odors and harmful dust.
  • Bedding and dry/wet cat food are provided for each cat.
  • Medications can be given if needed.
  • We offer play times which can be cat games or just loving and brushing.

Other Pets:

Other Pets

  • We also board small animals, ferrets, birds and fish. Please contact us to discuss your exotic pet’s needs.


  • Pets are served two premium all natural meals a day. We feed Flint River Ranch, a human-grade baked kibble that contains NO by-products, chemicals or preservatives. Flint River Ranch and other all natural pet foods are available in our retail shop.
  • If you would like the convenience of having Flint River Ranch dog or cat food delivered to your home, please call us for details and/or order forms.
  • If you prefer your pet to have a different diet, you are welcome to bring their own food - in a bag or container - not portioned out.
  • We do allow owners to provide raw diets for their boarding pets. However, to help minimize contamination and spread of food-borne bacteria to our other guests and staff, the following requirements MUST be met. All raw diets must be pre-packaged PER MEAL (not per day) in sealed, ziplock-type plastic bags or disposable plastic containers. We prefer that it is already frozen. We will thaw out what is needed for each meal.
  • Because of the same contamination issues, we do not allow raw or smoked bones in any pet’s enclosure.

Special Needs

We cater to pets with special needs. Arrangements can be made with our staff at check in for:

  • Oral or limited injectable medications, bandage changes and follow-up veterinary visits if needed for your pets.
  • Elderly and arthritic dogs are provided with non-slip matting in their runs.
  • Your pet’s comfort and well-being is our number one priority.

Additional Amenities

Boarding Amenities


We offer personalized Play Time for your dog while they’re here for boarding or daycare. Play times are available in 15 minute sessions. During this time your dog is taken out to one of our fenced exercise yards by a Pet Care Technician for individual attention and play. This is one-on-one playtime. Some dogs like the extra exercise and chase balls. Some are just content to enjoy the additional pampering of sitting in our laps and being cuddled . . . whatever your dog wants to do. While not the same as being at home with you, it does give your dog the extra attention he craves. If you buy 2 play times per day; we automatically upgrade your dog to the “Triple Play” where he gets the 3rd playtime for Free.

Kitty Play times and Triple Plays are also available for cats!

Nature Walks

Boarding Amenities

For a change of scenery, we offer 15 and 30 minute on leash Nature Walks on our six acres of trails with one of our staff. The older and less athletic dogs can wander at their own pace through the shady woods. The younger, more athletic dogs can get a good workout on our more challenging hiking trails up and down the hills. Our Nature Walkers who share our passion for pets, are trained to handle all sizes of dogs.

Training Nature Walks - have your dog walk with our trainer and learn basic leash manners.

A special lunchtime treat for your dog! Pupsicles are homemade frozen peanut butter and yogurt treats, served daily at noon by our room service staff.

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